420 Reality show nightmare


322 East State Street

Trenton, NJ 08608







The Police stole our footage because we filmed them!


Edward Forchion -aka- NJWeedman's dream of a reality show has turned into a nightmare, because the Trenton Police misunderstood a City statute - a demanded he close at 11pm.


IN HIS OWN WORDS - read this nightmare:

In the summer of 2015 I posted on my Facebook page that I wanted to do a REALITY SHOW. I thought it would be interesting to film our "Cannabis Temple" and Restaurant "NJWeedman Joint". Said Edward Forchion the use of cannabis is becoming mainstream, why not show the world how we do it in TRENTON. – (The police)


Within a few days a couple of NYC media executives saw this post and contacted me. See episode - Yellow Paint


On Oct 4th-2015 we publicly announced we were making a reality show called "THE JOINT". We had a sophisticated DVR installed linking 28 high-resolution digital cameras installed throughout the restaurant / Cannabis temple. - http://www.trentonian.com/general-news/20151004/nj-weedman-filming-reality-tv-show-out-of-restaurant-in-trenton


Everything was going well.... we were filming and editing slowly. In late December 2015 and a couple times in Feb 2016 Police Officers came to THE JOINT after 11pm and told us to close. I wrote a letter to the Mayor, The Deputy Mayor and The Police Director instructing them that I was in a Business Zone and didn't have to close. Instead of reading the statute THE POLICE came in force. On Feb 28th 2016 I got into a verbal dispute with a Trenton Police Captain Gonzales over "chicken wing sales after 11". 


He insisted that we had to close at 11pm. I told him the Joint (restaurant) was closed but the Temple was open and didn't have to close at 11. The police didn't like my answer and began to harass me. Ordering me to close the TEMPLE on Feb28 and March 5. So I filed a lawsuit against the TRENTON police on March 8th and began editing each of my incidents and encounters with them. Which is perfectly legal according to the Federal Courts.....



The Trenton Police Department retaliated by launching and fabricating a criminal case. For weeks I detailed and filmed the police harassment. I made short YouTube clips, which I posted on Facebook ridiculing them. -



NJWEEDMAN 4 CONGRESS - 12th district

On April 27 The police staged a raid and  stole our reality show footage and storage equipment and criminally charged me for having it! FORTIFICATION - 2C:35-4.1. (C)


c. Any person who fortifies or maintains in a fortified condition a structure for the manufacture, distribution, dispensing or possession or control with intent to manufacture, distribute or dispense, controlled dangerous substances, or who violates section 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 of chapter 35 in a structure which he owns, leases, occupies or controls, and which has been fortified, is guilty of a crime of the third degree. A structure has been fortified if steel doors, wooden planking, cross bars, alarm systems, dogs, lookouts or any other means are employed to prevent, impede, delay or provide warning of the entry into a structure or any part of a structure by law enforcement officers".


What the fuck! Producers, Editors, Creative people did you just read that NJ Law, .. I've been indicted for having a camera system and filming police READ:August 8th?

Imagine being charged with having a camera system at my TEMPLE? What business in Trenton doesn't have one? Im sure even the churches have camera systems. It's clear this is a stretch by the police to attempt to imprison me on a TRUMPED up charge. Look at the mandatory time it demands. This is a law that is only IMPOSED ON URBAN DWELLERS BTW -- Lol – Fortification really – No I filmed several police officers and their conversations with me. They wanted my footage!!!.


For example  Sargent Stokes gave me a great interview! (Sargent Stokes bet me on camera that there would be a shooting at my place by LABOR DAY 2016 – 3 cameras/two audio – and one floater – it was a good episode) – Said because I was from Sicklerville I didn't know what was going on in this city – She gave no credibility to my statement that I had brought "PEACE and LOVE" to Trenton. I won


The truth be: I had created a sanctuary in her violent city. –

Obviously since then the police have brought their DRUG WAR to me. – I'm publicity resisting. For instance my open public call to Mr Onofri to Prosecute this case yourself.


What obvious bullshit....First of all the 11pm business statute 146-22 doesn't apply to the LIBERTY BELLTemple III.  We are fighting this out in Trenton Municipal Court. (Next court date 9/28/16)


http://www.nj.com/mercer/index.ssf/2016/04/nj_weedman_and_9_others_charged_in_narcotics_raid.html - Secondly the police totally lied and exaggerated at what they found...sure there was some weed hereI'd be embarrassed if there was no weed at this "Cannabis Temple and Medical Marijuana Sanctuary" per C.U.M.M.A. - I'm a medical marijuana patient as well as numerous others who come to the TEMPLE. The fact that I have no "NJ MEDICAL CARD" means nothing.I don't need legislators to tell me what I can treat myself and others with.


LBT3 is a spiritual center that holds marijuana as its sacrament. The police made false statements to the press claiming there were drug sales. Maybe a lot of sharing, caring and partaking "FUCK THE LAW, SMOKE IT ANYWAY".


MERCER COUNTY JURORS imagine if the police one day came and stole the camera system from SHILO BAPTIST CHURH? Would you allow that, - don't allow this utilize JURY NULLIFICATION. Say Not Guilty.


Ironically - The city has since recognized other CHRISTIAN sanctuaries. The City captures children after 11pm and takes them to CHRISTIAN CHURCHES. Really Google it – TRENTON POLICE TAKE KIDS TO CHURCH. -- "THE POLICE WISH TO SHUT THE NEGROES OF TRENTON DOWN AFTER 11" - I CANT SELL CHICKEN WINGS EITHER - - #nochickenwingsafter11


BUT our SANCTURAY is under siege – SENATOR LESNIAK and his clients are protecting NJ's ALL WHITE MARIJUANA INDUSTRY. - 

But it's a total lie to say there was 19k worth and distribution was going on. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/09b0bb7c177745dd88332830fe6b7d05/nj-weedman-officials-exaggerated-big-time-pot-charges


The Police refuse to give me back my Intellectual Property back -"THE COMPLETE FILES FROM THE DVR-HARDDRIVES" that I was editing show on. I filed motion to return property.


I find it ironic that for the last 20 years police have used citizens who wandered into their reality shows – Cops, Sheriffs, La Confidential with no problem. Now in this instance the TRENTON POLICE department wandered into my REALITY SHOW and when the realized it they stole the entire contents and are balking about giving it back because they know I will finish editing and use them as show stars like they use citizens in their shows.





BY THE WAY – NJWEEDMAN WAS RUNNING FOR CONGRESS IN THE 12 district of NJ. The whole time on NOV8th, 2016 he received 5,437 votes - good enough for (3rd Place