A dissident, broadly defined, is a person who actively opposes an established opinion, policy, or structure. The term can be used to refer to a number of types of dissidents, including political, social, and militant dissidents.


"One who breaks an unjust law must do so openly, lovingly, and with a willingness to accept the penalty. I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law."

Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), US clergyman, civil rights leader



"The first amendment is clearly under attack"
May 12th, 2004

DISSENT, once an ideal cherished in the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment, now invites media attacks, hate Web sites, threats, job loss and now the changing of one's child's name!! "The first amendment is clearly under attack"

Across the United States, hundreds of Americans have been arrested for protesting the Iraqi war. The American Civil Liberties Union has documented more than 300 allegations of wrongful arrest and police brutality from demonstrators at anti-war rallies in Washington and New but none have been more directly persecuted than I have.The old saying, "everyone agrees with the concept and principals of "FREE SPEECH" until you exercise that RIGHT by saying something they don't like"; applies even to New Jersey Judge's. While Judge's of all people should be aware of the RIGHT to "FREE SPEECH" in regards to me, my speech and my religion they consistently prove they are human, biased, religiously intolerant and prejudiced. (Thus unfit to be Judge's) What I say publicly is: the drug war is racist,  "LEGALIZE MARIJUANA", abortion is murder, legalize prostitution, our war in Iraq is illegal, and I don’t believe the Government version of 911. What New Jersey Judge's consistently do to me for saying such things is punish me!

The most recent example of this is Burlington County Judge Sweeney ordering my child’s surname changed from mine "FORCHION" to my ex-fiancé’s surname "HOLDEN". On Feb 12th, Linda Holden the mother of my 9 year old daughter AJANEA filed a petition before Judge Sweeney to change our daughters surname citing my "PUBLIC POLITICAL VIEWS", I opposed this motion in court on May 10th, 2004. Again, what I say is the "WAR on DRUGS is racist","LEGALIZE MARIJUANA" etc., etc.,.. Millions of people say the same, millions of people believe it should be legal and regardless of the legality of it, millions use it for a variety of reasons "including me". This issue of "marijuana's legalization" is a nation-wide political debate that many politicians and even some Judge's agree with. I have every right to enter this debate!

Yet, on May 11th, 2004 Judge Sweeney to my surprise granted my scorned ex-'s petition. Just think about the implications of this, for expressing a particular "political view". Judge Sweeney has punished me by having my child's name changed. I was proud to name my child after me, all my children are named after me and I’m a part of all my children’s lives. This petition to re-name of my child was a low blow from my ex. that I didn't think would be judicially approved. I never heard of a "pro-abortion activist" having his child's name changed because he supported murdering defenseless unborn children. My ex believes in abortions, could I now petition to have my child's name- changed because of that? I never heard of a politician who supported, "gay rights" having something like this done to him. Imagine Gov McGreevy and Mrs. McGreevy divorcing and a Judge changing his kid's name based on his "public political views", he supports same sex unions and is a Democrat. The implications and precedent Judge Sweeney’s decision could become if allowed to stand is outrageous, I wish to appeal but have no lawyer. Imagine republican women petitioning a Judge to change her child’s name because her ex husband is a democrat. Judge Sweeney, not only is an "asshole" he's gutted the meaning of the first amendment. Calling him an ASSHOLE in public is also protected free speech.


As surprised as I was at Judge Sweeney's ruling I shouldn't have been, my experience with several New Jersey Judge's is they don't believe the RIGHT to "free speech" applies to "non-Christian African-Americans" like myself. I'm Just a Nigger to them, because I'm a follower of the "RASTAFARIAN faith" which accepts the "herb" marijuana as a religious sacrament. In general here in America African religions aren't respected by most Christians as religions. I consistently "proselytize" about my faith, but these Judge's refuse to acknowledge my Right to freedom of religion or to talk about an aspect of my faith "marijuana". I speak of my faith and my faith is the genesis of my championing the "political issue" of marijuana legalization. As it is now, to practice my faith is as illegal here in America which claims to have "freedom of religion" as Faluan Gong is in China, Christianity is in Saudi Arabia or Quakerism was in colonial England.

This country was founded on freedom of Religion by Quakers fleeing religious persecution. My born-again ex, (now a Pentecostal Christian) is repulsed with my choice of faiths and has consistently used the Burlington County Family court Judge's (religious intolerance) as a weapon to keep my child from me and now has used this same bias to gain a favorable name-change ruling based on my "political views". These Judge’s are HYPOCRITES! (I've attached a copy of Judge's ruling.)

EXAMPLE: Last year (2003) Jewish Judge Lihotz and Christian Judge Morley both ordered that I not talk to my daughter about marijuana, even though everyday I see “ONCDP” or “the Partnership for a drug free America” commercials telling parents to talk to their kids about drugs. Apparently these Judge’s only want parents that mimic the lie’s of the Governments Drug Policy to talk to their kids about drugs. I tell the truth about marijuana not the Government lie’s. I speak of the Religious significance of “marijuana” thus Judge Lihotz and Morley’s unconstitutional order’s that I not talk to my kid’s about marijuana. (see attached)

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: In 1998 Burlington County Judge Bell took my visitation after my ex-(Linda Holden) came to court with newspaper stories and quotes of me saying, "LEGALIZE MARIJUANA". When I ran for Congress under the "Legalize Marijuana Party- (", it took me 5 years (2003) to re-gain every other weekend visitation! (With the above restrictions on my speech). This year I announced I'm again running for Congress here in the 3rd district under the slogan: U.S. Marijuana Party. Thus my ex's Feb. petition to change my daughters name!

On June 3rd, 2002 I protested a family court ruling by Burlington County Family Court Judge Almeida (I asked to have my visitation restored, he only asked me if I still believed in "legalization" when I answered in the affirmative he denied visitation) by standing outside the Courthouse with a big sign criticizing him. The Burlington County Times and the Trentonian reported on my protest. Which was perfectly legal under the "right to petition for redress” clause of the 1st Amendment. Yet, three days later on June 6th, 2003 Ocean County Judge Giovine signed an arrest warrant and I was jailed in the Burlington County court for 4 days because I was previously “illegally ordered” by state ISP officials (Intensive Supervision Program) not to talk about "marijuana" or to the press.

To protest Judge Giovines illegal arrest, I decided to make three free speech "political ad's" calling for the end of the "WAR on DRUGS" and attempted to air them on Comcast Cable. For this legal exercise in "free speech" on August 19th, 2002Judge Giovine” again ordered me arrested. I spent 5 months in the Burlington County jail.

In my ad’s I said nothing illegal; I didn't advocate doing anything illegal I simply questioned the "WAR on DRUGS". You can see the political ad's yourself at: For this I sat in the Burlington County jail for expressing my "political opinion", as far as I know this has never happened to any white marijuana activist anywhere in the nation. Upon jailing me I immediately filed a federal "WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS", it took 5 months, but eventually Judge Irenas ordered the Judge's of New Jersey to release me citing my imprisonment was in violation of my federal RIGHT to FREE SPEECH. Judge Irenas ruled:

"The First Amendment exists so as to promote debate on issues of public importance. In this case, the advocacy of the legalization of marijuana is a legitimate political position in this country. The Libertarian Party, whose presidential candidate received over 380,000 votes in the 2000 election, advocates the legalization of drugs. Libertarian Party website at and Many elected public officials have called for a liberalization of the nation's drug laws. Simply put, Plaintiff's place in this debate will do nothing to harm a public that is already itself debating the current state of our nation's drug laws". FORCHION Vs STATE of NEW JERSEY, 2d 240 F.Supp 302

Now, Judge Sweeney is perfectly aware of this ruling and my "religious belief's" yet he's granted the petition to change my daughters name inviolation of my Constitutional Rights because he obviously just doesn't agree with my "POLITICAL EXPRESSION” or respect my RIGHT to “FREEDOM of RELIGION” nor my right to publicly espouse my religious belief's. Even thou this clearly is a crime Judge Sweeney knows he’s immune for any crime he commits from the bench. BTW- America has 130,000 troops in Iraq with the claim delivering "freedom". I just wish I had a lawyer.

While it is clear to some people (me included) that the "War on Drugs" violates basic Constitutional and human rights, it is also obvious to me that the view of those who are vested in law enforcement (or with the power to make laws and interpret rights) consider it a foregone conclusion that the drug laws are constitutional. To even bring up the topic of rights in regards to "drug issues" many times harden the resolve of lawmakers and judges because it implies that they have failed to understand the true meaning of the Constitution. So despite the principal of free speech it clearly is dangerous to publicly question the drug laws. Some say I should be glad, 50 years ago these good Christians would have had me lynched or 300 years ago I'd been burned at the stake for heresy.

I understand that many Americans could careless if "marijuana" is legal or not, yet every American should be outraged at the persecution and abuse I've suffered for saying, "end the racist war on drugs" and proselytizing about my faith.

Many times I pray that one day I'll get a New Jersey Judge who understands "FREE SPEECH" and recognizes that I know the risks of these "public" arguments. Instead I consistently find myself persecuted another Christian New Jersey Judge, law enforcement and the justice system for exercising my RIGHT to "FREE SPEECH" by espousing my religious belief's. I've prayed that the judges courageously adhere to the natural law of justice--tempered perhaps by the radiant glow of a little kindness, tolerance, understanding and mercy but consistently instead I'm met with distain and the denial of the basic right to "FREE SPEECH".

Currently, even though I’m a legally qualified candidate for Congress and Burlington County Freeholder Comcast is refusing to air my "POLITICAL AD's" again and so far even Federal Judge Wolfson has declined to issue an injunction ordering Comcast to allow my Political ad's to be aired. So much for “fair elections”


Edward Forchion


3rd district candidate for Congress





  JULY 4th, 2000


I Edward “njweedman” Forchion,  declare that I am an "AMERICAN DISSIDENT". In combat against the state of New Jersey and U.S. Government which is waging a real war against me and my freedoms in what the GOVERNMENT call's a "WAR ON DRUGS", but which is in reality a "declared "RACIST" war against me and my freedoms", and the freedoms of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyian's/Americans who freely choose to ingest marijuana into thier own bodies. Or help other's to obtain it! 


 I am a victim, my family is a victim, all because I am a outspoken opponent of the American Governments “WAR against it’s own people”. A “WAR” in which the government has usurped the authority given to it by the United States Constitution. THE LAW OF THE LAND!  A “war on drugs” is what the Democratic and Republican party member’s of government call this. Yet, "WE THE PEOPLE" know it as an unconstitutional, traitorous act of war, perpetrated by our government against it’s own citizens. 

  The Constitution is clear in what power’s and authority is delegated to the government by the Constitution. Not one paragraph, article or amendment give’s any Government agency, or official the right to regulate a individual citizens body. The “WAR on drugs” is a illegal attempt by the government and it’s officials to regulate what a citizen choose’s to ingest into his or her body, in blatant disregard of the individual citizen’s own civil liberties, or the very Constitution that made this country the greatest experiment ever.

 I personally choose to ingest marijuana into my own body and feel honored that citizen’s have freely approached me with request’s that I provide them with the “GOD GROWN” plant marijuana. The Government calls me a "DRUG DEALER"; I call myself a provider. For this I am a “Enemy of the State”, a DISSIDENT. 

Marijuana is one of the safest medicinal herb/plants on the face of the earth. Yet, The United State’s Government continue’s to lie, to the American people and mis-classifies Marijuana as a DANGEROUS substance with no medical value. This lie is used to justify throwing citizens in Prisoner of War camp’s. (PRISONS) -

The USA now has over 2 million people in it’s prisons, 1.3 million are POW’s of american’s “war on drugs”. The U.S. has the second largest prision population in the world, second only to Russia’s Gulag system and only slightly ahead of the Chinese re-education camps.“Our Government’s own scientist have dis-proven most of the lie’s presented to the American people as fact in regards to marijuana.” Thru  laughable, ridiculous, propaganda commercial’s, presented by semi-official groups like the “Partnership for a drug-free America”, or D.A.R.E.. While legitimate scientific evidence like the March 1999 IOM (Institute of Medicine) report is ignored.

"WE THE PEOPLE" must present the truth! The IOM report clearly contradicts the government’s classification of marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. Yet the U.S. Government refuse’s to amend it’s laws accordingly. Marijuana is factually, and scientifically not a schedule 1 drug. This is the classification that make’s it illegal, and what government use’s to justify ruining it’s own citizens live’s, with imprisonment..

 I am exactly what America was supposed to be all about, (I'm free) but for this I’m now regarded by the Government as a state-criminal. I beleived in the constitution. I was taught as a child that this is a free country and we as American’s are free. Then I grew up! And realized that is a lie, our freedoms have been long ago stolen by the Demo-publicans.  I was taught in this country you have the right and freedom to choose whatever religion you want. This isn’t so, I choose RASTAFARI and as a result of my religion’s difference of opinion on the herb marijuana it is a illegal Religion. This is a fact. Here in America the free thier are illegal religions and I follow one.

And God said Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all earth, and every tree, in which is fruit of a tree yeilding seed: to you it shall be for meat. And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and every thing that creepth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so. 

 I was taught that you had the right to free speech. Again this isn’t so. I learned through my 1998 election run that to say “LEGALIZE MARIJUANA” in public you can lose your child. “I should be so lucky to be a CUBAN Father”. The Burlington County Family Court took all visitation and custody of my child for this.

Sticker’s, statement’s and banner’s with these same free speech slogan’s on them can now be used as “probable cause” to arrest and detain you on our highway’s as has happened to me since I voiced my opinion. I was repeatedly harassed, assaulted and arrested for publicly speaking the truth about the benefit’s of Marijuana, i.e. TROOPER THORNTON, WOODBURY, GLOUCESTER TWP, and WINSLOW TWP NJ 

 If you think you have the right to assembly just try having a “PRO-MARIJUANA” rally and see what happens.

 Despite all of this I’m not ready to give up on America. I’m more determined now than ever to help change it back to what is was supposed to be. A FREE COUNTRY. As a Dissident I will again run for the 1st congressional dist seat in 2000 now held by (d) Rob Andrews.

I will be running under the “LEGALIZE MARIJUANA PARTY” - a party I formed as a civil dis-obedience tool. I know most American marijuana user’s don’t want to confront the government on it’s lie’s. I have been left with no choice! I was arrested by the Government and exposed!

The election process in this country is still a private matter and as such, people still have the American right to a secret ballot. I have given American’s in this small part of the country a way of voicing their opinion’s on the marijuana issue by providing a POLITICAL PARTY that totally support’s the legalization of marijuana. I am a freedom fighter!

 Hopefully If I’m elected the government won’t nullify the results as was done with Washington D.C.’s initiative #59, or Colorado’s 1998 Medical Marijuana Bill. Not to mention the Federal Government’s refusal to accept the “will of the people” of California (prop 215) , Arizona (prop 200), Washington State, Alaska, Oregon, and Maine, who voted to legalize Marijuana for medical use’s.

  WASHINGTON DC- Initiative #59 - passes.
COLORADO  voters robbed of election results 
  Click the links above and I ask you is this America? 

I have become a


US NJ: Forchion Crusading To Legalize Marijuana

Newshawk: Ras Ed Forchion
Pubdate: Sat, 14 Oct 2000
Source: Gloucester County Times (NJ)
Copyright: 2000 Gloucester County Times and MediaNews Group, Inc.
Author: Eileen Holliday, Staff Writer

He calls himself an:

"American Dissident."

But that doesn't stop Edward "njweedman" Forchion from running for a First District seat in Congress and a seat on the Camden County Board of Freeholders.

Forchion, 36, of Browns Mills, said his campaign is basically a protest advocating the legalization of marijuana, a stance that has gotten him into serious trouble with the law.

"I don't think I will get enough votes to oust ( incumbent Democrat ) Rob Andrews.  But this is my opportunity to present my case," Forchion said.  "This is my opportunity to voice my opinion in public."

Wearing a T-shirt that reads "I love my country, but I fear my government," Forchion explained his Legalize Marijuana Platform.

"Marijuana should be legal.  I am telling the truth about marijuana," he said.  "For the last 50 to 60 years, the government has lied about marijuana, using these lies to incarcerate people.  Marijuana is not dangerous.  If it doesn't suit you, then don't use it."

Forchion compared the high number of deaths per year from alcohol and tobacco use to those related to marijuana use.

"Nearly 400,000 people a year die from tobacco.  If anyone should be in jail it should the chief executive officers of the tobacco industry," he said.  "And the government has the nerve to call marijuana a dangerous substance.  It is supposed to be free country.  How is it a free country if you don't have the right to regulate your own body?"

Arrested on Nov.  24, 1997 during a drug raid in Bellmawr, Forchion faced more than 20 years in prison and $300,000 in fines.  He and his brother, Russell, 30, were arrested a short distance from the Bellmawr Industrial Park with 45 pounds of marijuana in their van.

At that time, Forchion pleaded not guilty and began mounting a defense based on jury nullification -- under which jurors refuse to convict because they believe the law that a person is accused of violating is unconstitutional -- and freedom of religion.

Then in February, he faced another conspiracy charge for a drug transaction in which he introduced two parties.  This is added to the list of arrests he has had for minor drug possession offenses.

"I can be arrested for marijuana any day of the week," he said.

After months and months of being in and out of court for the 1997 and February arrests, Forchion pleaded guilty to a combined lesser charge about two weeks ago.

Forchion could have to report to jail in December for anywhere from two to four months.  But on Tuesday, he filed a withdrawal of his plea claiming he had an "unfair trial."

"A lot of people don't understand jury nullification.  Inherently, the jury had the right and power to judge a law as well as evidence," he said.

He admits that being found guilty would bar him from serving in political office, but he still insists on getting his name on the ballot.  And he insists, that nothing is official until he is actually sent to jail.

Forchion, who grew up in Sicklerville, graduated from Edgewood High School in 1982.  He joined the Army National Guard and attended Claflin College in Orangeburg, S.C.

He then joined the Marines in 1986, but was discharged after an asthma attack.  Forchion confessed that he then switched his name and re-enlisted.  He was then honorably discharged in 1990.

Forchion bought own truck in 1993 and was a coast to coast driver until he was arrested in 1997 after the Bellmawr drug transaction.  Since then Forchion has spent most of his time maintaining his Web site and preparing his defense.

"I felt that I had something to gain.  I wanted to spread the word before I was thrown in jail," he said.  "All this actually saved my life."

Another issue Forchion said he feels very strongly about is abortion.

"Abortion is murder.  I know I have offended people by saying it like that.  Life begins at conception," he said.

He then asked, "This person has a right to regulate her body, then why don't I have the right to regulate my body?"


"JAH, and the Constitution of the United State’s of America" are on my side! JAH has choosen me to battle babylon over the "GANJA TREE"!


UPDATE: In 2002 the Government has even imprisoned me in a effort to silence me, please see "DOCUMENTARY" below!