I was pissed last year (2013) when Judge Delahey reneged on a pre-trial ruling to “stay sentence” pending appeal and maliously sentenced me to jail time at the Burlington cellsCounty jail. I’m still pissed actually but maybe it was a “higher calling” for me to have been in the jail and heard the death stories coming out of the jail. Maybe it was a fluke, karma, destiny or “godly” I don’t know. But apparently I was in the right place at the right time to bring the right exposure to a wrong that should be righted.

On Jan 28th, 2014 when I was released I carried a letter from Sean Turzanski another inmate, who wrote what he said he witnessed in Mr. Robert Taylors death.

I have no hatred or ill will towards any member of the BC Jail staff but if the claims told to me by Sean Turzanski are true something should be done so it doesn’t happen again. (OOPS TO LATE IT HAPPENED AGAIN) What Sean tells in an example of a inhumane treatment of a prisoner in need of medical care? Numerous inmates have died in the Burlington County Jail in the last few years. For writing this letter SEAN was thrown into solitary confinement for close to 30 days. This was an additional violation of inmates RIGHT to freedom of speech, a inmates right to safety and a inmates right to be free from retribution for reporting a crime.

There is now a state investigation and a Federal complaint entered. I feel I did the right thing personally, not for publicity. Hopefully whatever is wrong with the Burlington County Jail that allows so many inmates to die is corrected. Maybe we should create new jail medical attention rules/laws to prevent neglect: ROBERT TAYLOR LAW.






This the letter that was brought out of the BCJail that started all this controversy


PART 1 – Horrific conditions at BC Jail In December, a 75-year-old man who was believed to be homeless died in Burlington County Jail while strapped in a “turtle suit” and lying in a pool of urine and feces, according to a supervisor inside the facility.


PART 2 – 2nd Inmate Dies at BC Jail, writes letters before death - A former Burlington County Jail inmate who died in the facility last month sent several letters to his fiancee describing conditions at the jail, and those letters also say he witnessed the demise of 75-year-old Robert Taylor.



PART 3 – FREEHOLDERS MEETING – Residence call for Attorney general Investigation - At the Burlington County Freeholders meeting Wednesday evening, county resident Paul Bracy called for an independent investigation into the death of 75-year -old Robert Taylor


WTF – How many other prisoners have died in BC Jail -
 A 75-year-old New Jersey man believed to be homeless died in a jail cell after days of neglect in which he lay in his own feces, urine, and blood, according to letters and accounts from several other inmates. An unidentified guard who has been employed with the Burlington County jail for more than ten years told the Trentonian that Robert Taylor was intoxicated when he was brought in and required detox. But rather than escort him to a hospital, where officers would be required to stay with him at jail expense, they left him in a cell with little oversight or monitoring.

4/19/2014 - Records show jail should have known man needed care - Officials at the Burlington County Jail should have known about an inmate's heart condition and a hospital's recommendation that he receive follow-up treatment - which his fiancee alleges he was never taken to - before he died Feb. 25, according to medical records provided by her.


5/3/2014 - Ethics grievance filed as medical experts say dead BurlCo inmate's autopsy was questionable
-The autopsy report for deceased Burlington County Jail inmate Jerome Iozzia lists pneumonia/empyema/sepsis as his cause of death, and the manner of death states “natural.”

But medical specialists disagree.





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