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For those of you who think dissidents and political prisoners are just in foreign countries you need to look at Edward Forchion…who claims to be both and he’s right here in America – (NJ). He publicly opposes marihuana prohibition and speaks out against it. 

Listen to his own words. Is he a political dissident? Has he been a political prisoner?

  1. political prisoner is someone imprisoned because they have opposed or criticized the government responsible for their imprisonment. The term is used by persons or groups challenging the legitimacy of the detention of prisoner
  2. A dissident, broadly defined, is a person who actively challenges an established doctrine, policy, or institution. In a religious context, the word has been used since 18th century, and in the political sense since 1940, coinciding with the rise of totalitarian systems, especially the Soviet Union. 

 Since I was about 15 I have always regarded the marihuana laws in America as wrong, racist and a violation of a persons body for the Government to attempt to regulate a persons body thru law. In 1997 I was arrested for marijuana and began publicly speaking out about it. I was jailed for 18 months for this charge 2000-2002. When I was released I spoke out even more.

Although we in America claim we have “FREE SPEECH” In 2002-2003 I was jailed for 5 months for attempting to air 3 pro marijuana legalization Political ad’s on TV – State officials didn’t want me to air these commercials and jailed me to prevent me from doing so. I was released after federal Judge Irena’s ruled on my “writ of habeas corpus” my jailing was unconstitutional and ordered me released.(Read –

As a New Jersey resident/activist in 2006 I watched as California allowed average persons to open up Medical Marijuana dispensaries. New Jersey politicians were discussing it but were looking instead to create all white CORPORATE MEDICAL CANNABIS industry…, which flew in the face of the culture of marijuana to me. I spoke out about it and suffered for it.

I followed the New Jersey discussions and watched as Senator Scutari put forth “corporate” models and excluded the very people who had been supplying marijuana to the masses. I was publicly bitching about it and kept being attacked and set upon by police, politicians and state officials. I even had my child taken for speaking about marijuana. The state was persecuting me for speaking out..i got several bogus charges (Trenton, Sea Side Heights)

In 2007 I decided to flea the state and seek political & economic asylum in California -

By mid 2008 I had opened my own medical/religious dispensary in Los Angeles on Hollywood Blvd., -

From the State of California I still bitched online about New Jersey’s Politics of Pot I cringed at every advance of Scutari’s CUMMA…It clearly to me was nothing but a Caucasian Corporatization of Cannabis that excluded minorities, especially blacks the true victims of the American/New Jersey war on pot… Ultimately in 2010 CUMMA was passed and 6 Caucasians were awarded dispensaries. Still to this day 10 years later only those 6 CCC’s are allowed to operate in the state of New Jersey.

On a visit home to New Jersey on April 1st of 2010 I was arrested with a pound of weed I brought back to NJ from California. I publicly told everyone I was going to TRIAL and would win with Jury Nullification tactics and laughed at the Burlington County prosecutor Michael Luciano. Who retaliated by calling the U.S. Attorneys office in Los Angeles and had (THE DEA) destroy my business in Los Angeles – as a tactic he thought would help him win.———


On Dec 13th 2011 the DEA raided my Los Angeles LIBERTY BELL TEMPLE and within a couple months I was out of business in Los Angeles..

Despite having my Los Angeles business ruined by the DEA at the behest of the Burlington County NJ Prosecutors Office I drove back to New Jersey in my WEEDMOBIL and beat the Burlington County Prosecutor in two trials for the April 2010 1 pound weed arrest in May 2012 and Oct 2012.

Even though I won.. Judge Delahey reneged on a pre-trial deal and fabricated a reason to have me jailed in 2013 – (PROBATION VIOLATION). I wasn’t on probation never was; but I was jailed in the Burlington County Jail for 6 months. Ridiculously I was allowed to leave the jail every 20 days to go to California for 10 days to get Cancer treatment for my Bone Tumors. – FOX & FRIENDS highlighted the absurdness of this especially since everyone knew when I went to California I was using marijuana!

In 2014 I was suffering from Bone Cancer and moved back to Jersey with family, When I recovered I set my sites on Trenton to open my CANNA-BUSINESS. I met Debi in late 2014 and that spring (2015) we found a location across the street from City Hall. 322 East state street, We opened in May 2015.-

I wanted to reopen my Liberty Bell Temple in Trenton, the state capitol. Since the State had passed CUMMA (compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act) I wanted to open a business that catered to medical marijuana patients and provided a place for them to meet, socialize and consume. NOTHING IS ILLEGAL about this, we were just the first. It looked like we were going to be a big success story instead:

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 1.01.23 AM

 In Feb 2016 the local city & state politicians along with the Trenton police began a illegal, unconstitutional police campaign to destroy NJWeedmans Joint & Liberty Bell Temple 3 – – I filed a Federal Lawsuit 3:16 –cv- 01339pgs against the City of Trenton and the Police. They retaliated by hiring a drug addict con-man named Zev M Lapidus to fabricate things so they could arrest me.

oOn April 27th they raided us –

o I openly vowed to WHOOP the PROSECUTORS ASS’s….

o Then I began a online campaign to beat this phony case. I openly was advocating to my future jury to utilize Jury Nullification which pissed off the prosecutors and local Judges.

o The police destroyed my WEEDMOBIL –

 The Trenton police filed bogus “cyber-bullying” charges against me –

The local Prosecutors filed a bogus “witness tampering” charge against me and held me without bail for 447 days. I was really just a POLITICAL PRISONER arrested in a attempt by Government officials to silence me – . It didn’t work from Jail I spoke a lot and as I predicted I also WHOOPED THE PROSECUTORS ASSES.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 1.43.24 AM

I knew a JURY of my peers would acquit me – on May 24th, 2018 I was found “NOT GUILTY” two weeks later the Prosecutors office dismissed the remaining bogus charges, so I’m 38-0.

In September 2018 I re-opened NJWeedmans Joint with pennies, buying a case of Chicken wings and fries and slowly building a menu and inventory. Unfortunately many of my patrons were scared off by the police treatment of our business and me and they didn’t come back.

I ALSO RESUMED MY ACTIVISM and spoke out against the states plan to legalize weed and exclude minorities.