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The Joint of Miami's interior walls are adorned with psychedelic, pop culture-inspired art. A large blue velvet couch in front of a bizarre Mickey Mouse mural — depicting the Disney mascot with boobs and a gold pyramid for a head holding a joint whose smoke spells out the words "Stay Lifted" — occupies the cozy bar and lounge area. The venue markets itself as Wynwood's first marijuana-themed lounge.

King Forchion, the Joint of Miami's 24-year-old CEO, sits upright on the couch alongside his 34-year-old cousin and business partner, Essence Self, who coolly sparks a blunt for herself in the same way a matriarch would pour wine into a glass. The slight generational gap between the two is brought to light as they reminisce about days past, each of them taking turns at the wheel as they navigate through rose-tinted nostalgia.

“Everybody calls me the grandma — the old soul, the old one,” Essence says jokingly.

In between memories, they often find themselves referencing NJWeedman, AKA Robert Edward "Ed" Forchion Jr.

King usually calls him "Dad," and for Essence, he's "Uncle Robby." In conversation, they occasionally refer to him by his moniker out of respect. A pious marijuana legalization activist for decades, the New Jersey native gained notoriety through countless interviews, political campaigns, and weed-related business ventures. The Joint of Miami is simply an extension of the last.

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  • March 26, 2023 6:39 pm local time

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